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Wearable Tech : The Next Phase

So, how would you describe your relationship with technology, if suppose someone were to ask you? Or, let's put it this way, how much do interact with technology in your day to day life?
You talk on your mobile phone, listen to songs maybe.
You take pictures with your camera. You use the internet and watch videos on your PC or laptop.

Or you do all these on your smartphone instead and then some more, like playing games and using your GPS for maps etc. Of course talking of technology, some of you might have a gaming console, an intelligent TV, fridge or washing machine which is programmable according to your needs. But we are not going to talk about these things. The focus today is something else.
You see, even as we stay dazed with the flabbergasting amount of new phones which get launched these days with speeds faster than your dream car and super super clear and rich displays and touch and capabilities that only stop short of making your morning coffee, some of the top technolog…