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Blog 'Weak' : Dil Se

I interned at Hindustan Times, HT City to be precise,  a couple of months ago. It was one of the most exciting and memorable experiences, working there, among wonderful, happy and the most fun lot I ever saw in an office. And I am pretty sure I can write a full length post talking about how and why it was so amazing and who were the people who made it all the more so, but this post is about something else.

While interning, I was, like every intern there, also responsible for working on the Dil Se Column that comes in HT-City each day. It is a medium for people to share their messages with their friends and loved ones. Pretty simple, right? Wrong! While the concept is pretty simple, there's absolutely nothing simple about the messages that you'd see printed in there.

People of Delhi, as it happens, are a curious lot. They can evoke extreme emotions when it comes to expressing their feelings through messages which the whole world can see. From insane laughter to unbounded irritati…

Blog 'Weak' : Book Review - Granta 123 + The Wildings - Back to Back

Granta would definitely have to be one book I'll remember for a long time. Both for the imprint-leaving stories and the fact that the imprinting process was a painfully long one.

--- Barker, Barnes, Hollinghurst, Ishiguro, Mitchell, Rushdie, Smith, Tremain, Winterson . . . Long before they were household names, they were Granta Best of Young British Novelists. With each Young Novelist list — in 1983, 1993, and 2003 — came new ways of witnessing the world, introductions to unforgettable characters and mysterious and addictive voices. In 2013, thirty years after the first collection, the magazine asked once again: which writers are setting the bar for a new decade in British literature? ---
Granta 123 : Best Of Young British Novelists 4
By Various Authors
240pp | Granta Publications
$13.33 | Rs799

Yes, as much as I don't want to say this, Granta 123 would have to be the longest boo…

Blog 'Weak' : The Street-light

Welcome to the third day of blog 'weak'. I hope you liked the last two posts, they made my blog quite happy. If you haven't read them yet, they can be found here and here
I had been thinking of writing some fiction lately since 1. It's been a long time and 2. I really miss writing fiction. So today, while having a chat with dear friend and fellow blogger Ashna, I asked if she had any suggestions for the blog 'weak' and fiction and she had to say this,
Write a 'flash fiction' story in 300 words. It should have this phrase: 'The noise made me jump out of my skin...' It can either have a horror theme or something based on dreams. 
which I thought was a very interesting idea indeed. So here I am, choosing the horror theme. Hope you enjoy.

Blog 'Weak' : Of Friends and Best Friends

Let me tell you my story in relation to friends.
When I was 7 perhaps, I was admitted to a new school, in 2nd standard. There, among other things, which included marvelling at the size of the building and playground and discovering that I could buy an amazing hot samosa and a hotter bread-pakoda, both in all of ₹5, happened something quite remarkable. I learned a new term, Best Friends. I didn't know exactly what kind of friends were called best friends, but from what I did get, I was pretty much enchanted by the idea. That day, I saw a boy tell another how his best friend from the class was on a vacation abroad and was going to bring him a gift from there. Later that day, I saw two boys, whom somebody maybe referred as the best friends, walking around during recess or maybe after the school ended, hands on each other's shoulders, chatting excitedly, like they were having the best time in the world. So, I assumed that perhaps best friends are those who bring you gifts from their…

Blog 'Weak' : The Lamest Post Ever

Hello people, this blog is perhaps going through the worse identity crisis ever since I started blogging actively more than 2 years ago. It has come on the verge of breaking down a lot of times, while pleading in front of me these past 4 months to feed it with posts. Yes exactly, you read it right, four months. Not something you'd ever see on a serious enough blog. In fact, not something I've seen on any blog, serious or not. And it's making me feel so funny that I want to laugh out a very hysterical unbelievable laugh. 
No I wasn't in an asylum these four months and am certainly not in remission either, if you were thinking that. It's just that my blog is going mad and weak with no food for such a long time and since it is no lungfish, I decided to give it some food. And life. Life after food. Food first.
Okay, so since I was feeling generous enough today, I decided why not feed it properly while I am at it. Pat and stroke it to sleep even. (Quick word: If you…