Apr 24, 2014

Theandric Thursday : Who Moved My Lantern?

“Are you sure you did not come into my shed last night?” I asked my sister Dana again on the third morning it had happened. Somebody moved my lantern in the night, again. Which meant that someone had been using my lantern, again. Which meant that someone entered my shed during the night, again.

“Why would I? No!”

“Someone moved my lantern again last night.” I said fixing her with a gaze. Her expression changed from an incredulous one to a straight face.

“I have no interest in your lantern, or getting into that fowl shed of yours, even during the day, let alone at night.” She added that I ask someone who I should be asking. That she had more important things to do at night than moving lanterns, like sleeping.

Apr 6, 2014

Why I won't vote for Modi

There was a front page advertisement in the newspaper yesterday. It had 'Let's fight corruption' written in big bold letters alongside a picture of Narendra Modi, prime ministerial candidate of BJP for the General Elections 2014. It also had three other sentences which went like this,

Let's minimise government and maximise governance.
Let's use technology for greater public scrutiny.
Let's be transparent and accountable.

Modi's election campaign started last year with this headline phrase that was in the paper yesterday. Fighting corruption, boosting progress and reducing inflation were some of the apparent primary goals of BJP. The situation though, I must say, is a bit different now. We'll get to it (and the three points up there) in a bit.