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The Deed

Okay, here is the thing; I am not a hero. I never was, nor am I now. And I don't think I can be one in the future. My father once said how all your good deeds cease to mean anything once you do a terribly bad thing. 'What is the difference between a bad and a terrible thing, father?' I had asked. 'That depends,' he had said, 'on what you consider a bad thing and what you don't.'
I never understood that remark of his. Surely, I thought, bad things are bad for everyone; that bad things were considered bad universally, that was the deal, correct? Turned out it wasn't. Not always were bad things considered bad. Not in every case were guilt a visible emotion in the guilty.
But when I understood this, my father was not around; neither was my mother. Both had departed in their sleep on the same day some years ago. And I was left alone to comprehend the terribleness of my deed; a deed that had wiped all my good ones, if there were any before it.

55 Fiction #6- A Trouble with Words

She stared at the keyboard and the blinking cursor on the screen in turns. The blank page seemed intimidating; too vast to fill. The keys looked like strange tools, each separate; not part of the whole.

- - -
Next day, she stared at the tip of the pen and the lone dot on paper it had made.

Two Countries And An Ocean In Between

Today is a full month since I left my home and my home.

It is a strange place that I am in. Different yet not so different. I don't know what it is to be like outside your home. I didn't know. I still don't. I am learning homesickness; it is all coming very slow is what I feel.

I am not sad like how people are when they leave home for the first time. I am in fact very happy; I am staying in my aunt's home. It feels just like my home, almost. I feel strange sometimes though. It feels like I would roll my always-ready bag to the ariport in a couple of days and go back home. And carry some tales with me about the vacation I had.

I use 'home' to refer to my country too, in some of these sentences; specially my city, Delhi. I am in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia right now.

I boarded a plane for the first time in my memory, that night. I say 'in my memory' because it wasn't technically the first time but rather practically the first time. After all, when you had l…

55 Fiction #5- The Good Neighbourhood

Ever since Deepa had opened that café opposite Hari's, all his customers had migrated. 

Don't know what hari told his drunkard friend one night that many civilized men came and set Deepa's shop on fire the next day. 
They said they wouldn't allow prostitution behind doors, in the name of a café, in their colony.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

A letter to those who have had enough of hatred and ill will

     Dear brothers and sisters,
As you all know, there was a shooting incident in France last week in which around a dozen people were killed by armed men said to be 'avenging' the prophet(PBUH) of Islam. It was a horrible act. I am not going to be talking about what happened and whose fault it was. What I want to address you with is the issue that is happening today and continuously. Even as many people start to move on to the next big news, the terror, feelings of anger and hatred hasn't exactly died down. The effects of these feelings can be seen through any of the numerous incidents of assault and voilence that have happened throughout France and elsewhere. Even at places where such things are not happening, loosely all over the world, many people have a fear of and repulsion towards Islam rooted even deeper, more so now, inside their hearts.

3 commercials I recently saw (and liked) on TV

Okay this is completely random. I watched an advertisement on TV today and it was so funny I wanted to share it, but then I thought about two other advertisements that I liked so instead of sharing that particular one on facebook, I thought I'd make a quick blogpost about it.
Chances are, you might have already seen these commercials. But I am betting on at least one which you haven't based on what channels you watch on TV. I haven't done this kind of a silly thing for a long time here, so yeah, keeping the randomness alive, here are those three commercials.

1. Snoring Husband