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Sometimes, you want to scream so bad that your throat would beg you to stop. But you want to scream; you know you'll end up hurting yourself; but you want that hurt; if it will cause a permanent damage, you want to make that happen. That's what you deserve. That's what you want. That's what will make you satisfied. You try to reach out to someone, but that someone's not there anymore. A change has occurred. The connection has been broken now. The string that crossed dimensions and continents once, lays but hanging loose, fragile.
Your heart aches, it literally aches with an undeniable physical pinch. An elephant stays in the room when you converse. There are so many things you wanna talk about, so many things you wanna know. But no you can't. The care is still there; the worry, the concern and the unease due to your suffering, they all exist; but something invisible has changed. A hurry has set in, there is just not time anymore. Every meeting feels like meet…