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Of Friends and Falling out

Friendship is strange. It carries in itself the happiest of moments, feelings, and surprises; as it does the heartbreaks, misgivings, and pain. It can give you a whole new reason to live, and sometimes, it can make you question your existence. And the whole ride goes from being just eventful to a rollercoaster level if you are an emotional person.

If you are a person who connects on the deepest of levels, with the strongest of bonds, even small gestures bring intense joys and likewise, even unwary comments can tear you up like an old piece of paper.

- - -

I have a confession to make. A fair warning, sort of, disguised as a confession. To those who might meet me in future or with whom I haven't yet, but will make good friendships. Hopefully.

I put trust in people, I put effort, and I dedicate myself to them. In return, I require all three.

Seems fair on the first look. But isn't as easy as it reads.