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What qualifies as change?
The fact that you chose a title before starting to write this post? While in the past, you've always left it for the very end.
Or that this post does not fit in your usual erstwhile fiction or optimistic posts.
Or that this whole blog does not look anything like it did a couple of months ago? The way it looked for years and years and you still hadn't become bored of the look, but just had to let go of the past.
Or that this blog being an image of you, says you yourself are no longer the person you were before? That there is no rest, only a permanent discomfort; lurking silently beside you; coming skin close every often.
Or that the problem now is not what to write but rather what to not write? What if you are robbed of whatever normalcy, whatever temporary peace that you have; and are left yet more shattered(if that were possible).
Or that your emotional strength is paper thin now? While you never had anything to go out and boast about a thick skin,…